Episode Five

It was such a treat to speak with director Sean Baker for episode five of The FilmStruck Podcast. With his films 'Take Out', 'Prince of Broadway', 'Starlet', 'Tangerine' and 'The Florida Project', he has purposely shone a light on communities who we don’t usually get to see on the big screen. He specializes in American social-realist movies and I find that inspiring, refreshing and important. 


Episode Four

Alexander Payne is my guest on the fourth episode of The FilmStruck Podcast. He tells me about watching silent films as a child in Nebraska, shrinking Matt Damon for his new film 'Downsizing' and the use of payphones in his films... that was just something I noticed when I re-watched his movies!


Episode Three

Episode three saw me chat with director Edgar Wright. Our conversation veered from choreographing car chases in 'Baby Driver' to casting his school mates in his first films to his appearances on television as a teenager in England.

Jr Agnes.jpg

Episode Two

For episode two, I had the pleasure of talking with legendary French filmmaker Agnes Varda and popular street artist JR about their road trip documentary 'Faces Places'. These two have a genuine friendship, bonded by their love for art and belief that it can truly change minds.


Episode One

On the very first episode of The FilmStruck Podcast, I spoke with Darren Aronofsky about his divisive film 'mother!' and what growing up in Brooklyn really means to him. Plus video stores! And how his love of cinema truly began.