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The Sundance Difference

The word I’ll use to describe the 2018 Sundance Film Festival is: different. Now I don’t mean “different” in a politely negative way, such as when I ask a friend about my outfit and they reply with, “It’s… different.” No, I’m using it as in: change, growth, new. The mood at the festival was different. I felt different. And the perspectives on screen were mercifully, different.

I’ve read articles about this Sundance being weak or lackluster, but I didn’t feel that. Maybe for buyers, but not in terms of the films themselves. The festival remains a refreshing start to my year thanks to the wide variety of perspectives shown on screens. Overall, 13,468 films, indie episodics and VR projects were submitted to the festival, with 122 feature films making the cut. Out of those movies, 53 were by first-time filmmakers, and 37% were directed by women. It’s a contrast to the rest of the yearly fare delivered by studios, where 96% of the 100 highest grossing films are directed by men.

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Sundance 2013: Diary of a Broke Film Lover

This is a story I wrote in 2013. At this time, I was sill fairly new to Los Angeles. It was my second Sundance Film Festival and I was determined to go, even though I had no money. As Sundance 2018 starts today, I though it could be fun to share this and show how far I've come. Don't give up on your dreams.

Before: The Cold Hard Truth
I held my breath as I logged in to my banking website and prayed that somehow this time would be different. That something may have magically changed in the past thirty minutes since I last checked. The page seemed to take an eternity to load, taunting me with its financial verdict. And then, there it was. The inescapable truth. I had 24c in my savings account. Savings. That word mocks me. I have none. 

This is the glamorous life of a freelancer. A freelancer who is leaving tomorrow to the Sundance Film Festival for a week with only a quarter of a dollar to her name.

At this point most people would cancel their trip. But of course, I am not most people. I am a special breed of crazy. A film geek who revels in sitting in the dark and watching movies and isn’t about to let financial ruin get in her way. And after two years hustling to make it in the big bad city of Los Angeles, I’ve become extremely resourceful. So, trying not to think about the worst case scenario, I got to work asking if anyone had a patch of floor I could sleep on.

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