the female gaze

Since the very birth of cinema, women have been making movies. So, what does the world look like through the “female gaze”? This is the question bestselling author Alicia Malone poses, as she presents “The Female Gaze” - a collection of essays on fifty-two movies made by women. These films encompass various eras, nationalities and stories… yet each movie is distinctly feminine. Joining Alicia Malone is a variety of established and aspiring female film critics, who write about their favorite film made by a female director.



“Backwards and in Heels” looks at the history of women in film through the stories of the incredible ladies who made their mark in Hollywood. From the first women directors to the iconic movie stars and present day activists. Each of the stories are inspiring in the accomplishments of women, while also highlighting the specific obstacles women have had to face. Includes exclusive interviews with Geena Davis, J.J. Abrams, Ava DuVernay, Octavia Spencer, America Ferrera, Paul Feig, Todd Fisher and many more, as well as film professors, historians and experts.